Saturday, November 26, 2011

Beirut Cafe, St. Petersburg FL.

 Kaftah and Tabouleh entree with Babaghanouj
Spinach Pie

So today we lost our Lebanese Virginity! We ate our first Lebanese meal at Beirut Cafe in St. Petersburg on Park St. We have passed by this little cafe quite a number of times but never really had the chance to try them out until today. I was hungry. I ordered the Beef Steak Kabob wrap and Spinach Pie while my husband ordered a Kaftah and Tabouleh entree with Babaghanouj. This has been the tastiest and most refreshing meal I had in a long time.
The spinach pie is a large triangular, flat shape filled with spinach, onion, spices, lemon juice, and olive oil. The taste was phenomenal, with a refreshing spinach and lemon flavor. Don't forget about the desserts, they were plentiful and sweet, using a variety of nuts and dough. The food here is made fresh to order and on the premises, I definately did not hear a ding from the microwave while we waited.
This is a very typical small business restaurant where the staff are the owners. This was one of the reasons we liked this place so much, they treated us like we were family. 
Beef Steak Kabob wrap
The restaurant was adorned with several Lebanese Artwork and played native music. While there, the owner was telling us about the different types of food and what they were made of.
                   WE WILL BE BACK!!!!!

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